/maɪ 'si 'vi/

Serious about single-cell analysis.

MiCells, MiExperiment, MiResults.

Interact with your data

Dynamic plots enable you to zoom and pan while investigating features across both single and multi-sample datasets.

Find your genes fast

With real-time database lookups, you'll never need to spend time converting gene names or reminding yourself of gene functions again.

Bring in your expertise

You know best - manually cluster cells based on the features you are interested in, or use automated algorithms as a starting point. 

Start to finish with the push of a button.

Transforming your raw sequencing data into something you can interpret can take days of effort if you're doing it on your own. With MiCV, that same processing is as simple as uploading your data and pressing a button. Spend your time on science, not coding.

Automatically generated summary reports

With MiCV's automatically generated PDF summary reports, printing and sharing data in an easy-to-read format now takes minutes, not hours.

Keep your analysis open and understandable

Built on top of best-in-class open source tools, MiCV ensures that your single-cell analysis keeps up with the latest bioinformatics trends. Additionally, MiCV  automatically generates methods section text and provides the citations you will need to help you explain your analysis to others.

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