/maɪ 'si 'vi/

For when your single-cell analysis gets serious.

MiCells, MiExperiment, MiResults.

Interact with your data

Dynamic plots enable you to zoom and pan while investigating features across both single and multi-sample datasets.

Find your genes fast

With real-time gene lookup, you'll never need to spend time converting gene names or reminding yourself of gene functions again.

Bring in your expertise

You know best - manually cluster cells based on the features you are interested in, or use automated algorithms as a starting point. 

Start to finish with the push of a button.

Single-cell analysis can get complex, but that doesn't mean it needs to be hard. We provide one-click interfaces for taking your gene-by-cell counts matrix from raw counts to interpretable plots. And for users wanting more control, we've implemented a variety of interfaces for fine-tuning parameters. Complexity when you need it, simplicity when you don't.

Keep your analysis open.

Built on top of best-in-class open source tools, MiCV ensures that your single-cell analysis keeps up with the latest bioinformatics trends while remaining open and fully reproducible.

Interested? Give it a try.

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